Running a business has had such an emphasis on online sales, marketing and content. With businesses being forced to focus more and more on their online presence to make sales and run effectively throughout 2020, the impact of imagery to sell those products, and allow customers to learn about the business and what they stand for, has never been more important.

Photos of products, the people running the business and behind the scenes images for businesses are key to increasing sales, showing off the hard work of those who make the products, and achieving a level of transparency that is increasingly needed in today's online marketplace.


We offer a flexible product photography service to cater to exactly the kind of work you need. The service can be tailored to your needs based on a few different factors: What kinds of products you sell (wearables, decoration, food etc), what your main selling platform is (online, Instagram, in store), and the need you have for the images (for a catalogue, for social media, to advertise or for the product listings). There are a couple of things we can tailor to suit your personal preference too, such as the types of backgrounds we use, how the products are shot, whether props or models are required. 

We know that finding the time to organise product shoots might not be a priority at the moment, so we offer a postal service for you to be able to ship your products to us for photographing, and we'll ship them back at the end.


If you want the peace of mind of being able to send your products off when they're ready, we've just started a new subscription service, where you can send products to us every month for photographing, and we'll photography them for you however you need.

For more information on the details and subscription packages we offer, check out our subscription page


As well as photographing your products, we also offer our services to those businesses or freelancers that need photos of themselves, their staff, or their workplace, for use on websites, social media or in printed advertising. 

Whether you're an artist, a band, running a bakery or a small online shop, it's important to put across a high quality image of you and your brand to the public, as people will often look for images of you and your products when they land on your website, or find you on social media.



In creating a more complete set of photography that represents you and your brand, we're very open to experimenting with different editing styles to try different colour palettes, light and tone, so we can find the best way to present your images and, by extension, your business. If there are any styles or ideas you have to start with then we can try to work towards that, or we can present multiple possibilities and decide on a working style for the photos from there.